10-Corporate-Policies-to-End-in-the-New-YearIt is the policy of the Clayton County Library System to provide the best possible service to the citizens of Clayton County. It is against the policy of the Clayton County Library Board of Trustees and Georgia law to divulge information contained in Clayton County Library System’s circulation or registration records.

In this policy statement the term adult refers to a person 18 years of age or older. As a public library system, it is our responsibility to provide a wide range of materials for our users to select from according to their needs. It is not the policy of the library system to usurp the parents’ prerogative to guide in the selection of appropriate reading material for their own children.

All library users, including children, are expected to behave in the library in a manner respecting the rights of other library users and library staff. Unsafe or disruptive behavior cannot be allowed. When unsupervised children are left alone at the library, it is a misuse of the library. The library staff cannot accept responsibility for these children, or for children left on the library premises after closing hours. Should any of the above difficulties occur, the library staff may ask a person behaving unacceptably to leave the library and may contact the proper authorities. The Library Board of Trustees has adopted a Conduct in Libraries Policy and the Director, Library Services, will set a course of action the library staff will follow if library users engage in conduct that is not permitted.

If a library user’s behavior in the library or use of library services causes disruption of library operations, the Director, Library Services may recommend to the Chairman of the Library Board of Trustees that the library privileges of that user be suspended for a specific period of time or permanently. During a suspension of library privileges the library user may not come on any library property or communicate with the library staff (except the library director). The library user will be notified of the suspension in writing. A suspension of library privileges may be appealed to the Library Board of Trustees at any regularly scheduled meeting.

Detailed Policies

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Mission Statement

To contribute to the success of the citizens of our diverse community by offering a full range of library services that meet their informational, educational and leisure interests, fostering the love of reading in our youth and the lifelong pursuit of knowledge for all.