Information Services

The Clayton County Library System is dedicated to supporting lifelong learning and access to information, knowledge and ideas. Use this page to learn about the reference services available at the Library.
Information Services
Purpose of Information Services
The goal of the Information Services Staff is to provide accurate information and materials in an efficient, courteous, and timely manner. The Library will maintain a collection of general reference resources that will be available for use by the Library patrons and reference staff. Clayton County Library System cardholders may also request additional materials through the interlibrary loan process.
Where to Get Information Services Assistance
Information service is provided in the Youth Services Department and the Adult Services Department. Print materials on a specific topic can be sent to any Clayton County Library branch to answer a patron’s request. The Library also subscribes to a variety of electronic resources to assist in answering information queries. These resources are available at all Library locations and remotely.
Requests for Assistance
Requests will generally be handled in the order in which they are received. Requests submitted by patrons in the Library are given priority over telephone requests that are received at the same time. Information Services staff members will attempt to answer questions at the time the request is made and to work within the patron’s time requirements. If necessary, staff will inform the patron that a longer response time is needed or that assistance should be sought from another library or agency.
Available Information Services
Staff will assist patrons with Library computer applications or electronic equipment and may refer patrons to appropriate books, online tutorials, or classes for further assistance. When assisting patrons with computer resources, staff will not enter personal information for patrons.

Staff will not provide the following kinds of assistance, which are deemed to be beyond the scope of the Library’s service responsibilities:

  • Interpretation, advice, or personal recommendations in any area other than the use of Library resources. This includes, but is not limited to, legal, medical, or tax advice.
  • Critiquing or editing patron documents, including resumes for job seekers.
  • Completing forms (including online forms) for patrons, or assisting patrons in completing such forms.
  • Solving or troubleshooting problems with patron’s personal computers or other electronic devices.

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Mission Statement

To contribute to the success of the citizens of our diverse community by offering a full range of library services that meet their informational, educational and leisure interests, fostering the love of reading in our youth and the lifelong pursuit of knowledge for all.