Library Policy Regarding Children

As a public facility, we are especially concerned about the safety of children who visit the libraries. We urge parents to use the same care and caution concerning the whereabouts of their children as when visiting any other public place such as the shopping mall. Library policy prohibits children younger than 8 years old from being left unattended at the library. Children four years of age of or younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Older children who are left at the library to browse or complete assignments should know the number where a parent can be reached and should be picked up prior to closing. Closing times are posted at each library. For safety reasons, children who have not been picked up by the posted hour of closing may be given into the care of police.

Youth under the age of 18 years must have written permission given on the youth’s library card application form in order to access the Internet at the library. An exception will be made if the youth’s parent or legal guardian sits beside the youth during his/her Internet session.

Only youth under the age of 18 years of age may use the Internet computers in the Youth Services areas. Each person using the computer MUST have his/her own card to show the library staff (in youth services) or to reserve a public computer. Use of a library card other than one’s own, or the lending of a library card to another person, will result in a suspension of library Internet access privileges.
In order to comply with each parent’s wishes, only the youth who has registered to use a computer may view Internet sessions. For the same reason, other youth who are viewing another person’s Internet session will be asked to stop doing so.

No library card is required to use the games computers at all six library branch locations. However, a waiting list is maintained and users will be placed on computers according to each person’s order on the waiting list. Children should not sit down at any unoccupied computer without checking in with staff.

Any youth under the age of 18 MUST have a parent or legal guardian present to sign the youth’s application for a library card. Though county residency is not required in order to obtain a library card, written verification of the applicant’s current address is required. For youth applicants, a parent or legal guardian needs to supply verification of the parent’s current address. Library cards are usually not issued if there are less than 15 minutes prior to closing so please allow adequate time to apply for a library card.

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Mission Statement

To contribute to the success of the citizens of our diverse community by offering a full range of library services that meet their informational, educational and leisure interests, fostering the love of reading in our youth and the lifelong pursuit of knowledge for all.