Wireless Printing Instructions

  1. Sign into Paper Cut
    1. If you HAVE a print card:
      • username: library card number
      • password: last name
    2. If you DO NOT HAVE a print card:
      1. Headquarters Library:
        • username: hq.guest05
        • password: guest05
      2. Jonesboro Branch:
        • username: jo.guest03
        • password: guest
      3. Morrow Branch:
        • username: mo.guest02
        • password: guest02
      4. Riverdale Branch:
        • username: ri.guest02
        • password: guest
      5. Lovejoy Branch:
        • username: lj.guest02
        • password: guest
  2. Click Web Print on left side of screen, then click ‘Submit A Job’
  3. Choose the printer for your location and proceed to Step 2 (at the bottom of your screen)
  4. Pick how many copies you want
  5. Upload the file you want to print
  6. Pay for prints at the front desk (if using a print card, go to the printer)

Click here to submit your documents for wireless printing