teens of clayton county
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alternative education

The Alternative School / North Jonesboro Center for Learning
The philosophy of the alternative school program in Clayton County is to provide select youth with the necessary learning experiences, coping skills, and training opportunities which, for whatever reason, they may be unable to derive from the traditional educational setting. Frequently Asked Questions about the Alternative Virtual Academy.

Flint River School
Flint River School is a special education, alternative school for Clayton County students who are struggling in a regular setting and are in need of an intensive, short-term, therapeutic school environment.

Forest Park Street School
The Forest Park Street School offers Clayton County youth a second chance at educational success. They have different programs depending on whether you need a full course load, or just a few credits to complete high school graduation requirements. Their YouthBuild program offers GED or high school diploma preparation in combination with learning job skills and contributing to the community. The school is located at 5881 Phillips Dr., Forest Park, GA 30297.

Georgia Connections Academy
Free, accredited online school for Georgia students in grades K-12 that are in need of an alternative to a traditional public school.

Hearts to Nourish Hope
Hearts to Nourish Hope's Alternative Education Cener is a place that offers teens a second chance at a good education when they have been expelled, suspended, or have dropped out of school.

Magic Johnson Bridgescape
Bridgescape provides students with another option to complete their education and another way to reach their goals. This student-focused program provides an opportunity to earn a high school diploma at a pace suitable to individual schedules, lifestyles and learning needs.