teens of clayton county
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money matters

Earning money isn't usually easy or fun, but if you learn the skills to manage money well, you can get the most out of every dollar you earn.

The Merchants of Cool
Have you ever wondered how companies decide what to try to sell you? Do you feel like you are being bombarded by advertising everywhere you go? This PBS special digs deep into how corporate marketing "culture-spies" track teen trend-setters, the tactics they use to try to jump on trends to sell their own products, and more. To watch the entire show online, click on the link for "Watch the Full Program Online."

TheMint: Tips for Teens
This site has tips on earning, saving, spending, owing, tracking, giving, investing, and safeguarding your hard-earned money.

Teen Consumer Scrapbook
Good advice from high school students on consumer topics like buying goods and services (buying a computer, CD clubs, cell phone plans, etc.) and finances (budgets, payday loans, scholarship scams, credit cards, and more). Are you going to be looking for your own home, soon? Check out the "On Your Own" section that has articles on apartment safety, tenant rights and responsibilities, roommates, and deposits and fees.