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Safe Place

Do You Need to Find a Safe Place To Go?

Do you need immediate help? Are you in any danger? Go to a registered "Safe Place." All six Clayton County Public Library locations are Safe Places where you can get help without any strings attached. For more information about the Safe Place program, see the Safe Place for Teens site. For a list of more Clayton County Safe Places, see the Rainbow House site.

Crisis Hotlines

Agency Number
Alcohol/Drug Help Line 1-800-252-6465
CDC AIDS Hotline 1-800-342-2437
Child/Elder Abuse 770-603-4602
Clayton Mental/Health Crisis Line 770-996-HELP (770-996-4357)
Domestic Violence and Rape
Hotline (National)
Domestic Violence Hotline
(Securus House)
Health Call 770-541-1111
Homeless Task Force 404-589-9495 or 1-800-448-0636
National Hunger Hotline 1-866-3HUNGRY (1-866-348-6479)
National Runaway Switchboard 1-800-RUNAWAY (1-800-786-2929) or visit www.1800runaway.org
Poison Control Hotline 404-616-9000 or 1-800-222-1222
Police, Fire, Ambulance 911
Red Cross 770-961-2552
Safe Places 1-800-RUNAWAY (1-800-786-2929)
Or Text the word SAFE and your current location (street address, city, and state) to 69866
Southern Crescent
Sexual Assault Center
Suicide Hotlines 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)
1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)
TTY: 1-800-799-4TTY (1-800-799-4889)
The Trevor Project Lifeline 1-866-488-7386
United Way From 404, 770, or 678 area codes: Just call 211
EspaƱol: 770-614-1000

General Assistance

Clayton County Board of Health
The Clayton County Board of Health has an Adolescent Health and Youth Development Program targeted at people age 10-19, as well as specialty health services and testing for all ages for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, head lice, and ringworm.

Clayton County Human Services Directory
This booklet has contact information for places in Clayton County offering assistance with healthcare, low-cost housing/shelter, legal matters, protective services, education, disabilities, counseling, transportation, and more.

National Hunger Hotline
The National Hunger Hotline (1-866-3HUNGRY or 1-866-348-6479) refers people in need to anywhere in the U.S. to food pantries, soup kitchens, government programs, and other organizations. Call anytime from Monday-Friday between 9am-6pm to speak with someone who can help you. If you call outside of those hours, you can leave a number and they will call you back. To speak with someone in Spanish, call 1-877-8-HAMBRE (1-877-842-6273).

Orange Duffel Bag Initiative
Orange Duffel Bag Initiative, a 501c3, provides at-risk teens and young adults programs proven to improve their education success, ongoing advocacy, support to their guardians and caring adults, and service to the community in a spirit of offering hope and positive systemic change. 

Abuse and Assault

Securus House
Love shouldn't hurt. Securus House provides safe emergency shelter and comprehensive support services to all victims of family violence.

Southern Crescent Sexual Assault Center
SCSAC's mission is to reduce the threat of sexual assault on a local, state, and national level through prevention, intervention, and education. They have a 24-hour crisis line, and offer hospital, police, and court accompaniment, victim advocacy, counseling and support groups, and resource referral services in Clayton, Henry, and Fayette Counties.

TeenBreaks.com: Sexual Abuse
Online information and a help hotline for rape, sexual abuse, and incest.

Addiction and Substance Abuse

Alateen is a free and anonymous support group for teens who are affected by the alcoholism or drug abuse of a family member or friend. This site has a checklist to help you determine if Alateen is for you, info on how it works, and how to find meetings in your area.

Alcoholics Anonymous: A Message to Teenagers
How can you tell when drinking becomes a problem? Take these quizzes and read these pamphlets, especially the "Too Young" comic book for more info.

TeensHealth: Dealing With Addiction
Information about substance abuse, addiction, and getting help.

Bullying and Teen Violence

Dealing With Bullying
Every day thousands of teens wake up afraid to go to school. This site explains the effects of bullying and what you can do to try to stop it. It also talks about stress, coping with cliques, school violence, and cyberbullying.

First Steps to Stop Bullying and Harassment
This Canadian web site has an excellent description of what bullying is and what types of bullying there are.

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center
This site has articles on alcohol abuse, bullying, dating violence, depression, gang violence, and school violence. They also have an excellent Facts for Teens: Bullying paper with links to additional reports and surveys.

Put a Stop to Teenage Bullying Behavior
Information about bullying, the type of people that become bullies, and what to do if you are being bullied.

Young Adult Authors Against Bullying
YA authors Megan Kelley Hall and Carrie Jones started this Facebook group which is open to everyone (teens, parents, educators, librarians, coaches, counselors, readers and writers) who wants to put an end to bullying. It is a safe place for readers and writers to come together and share their stories.

The Choking Game

Every year, teens die from accidental strangulation or get permanent brain damage after trying to achieve a temporary high by choking off the air to their bodies. Learn more about this problem, what kinds of damage this can do to your body, and how to respond to somebody that wants to play "the choking game" or "the fainting game" with you.


These sites will help you learn about some of the different reasons why teens struggle with the urge to injure themselves, and how to stop.

Depression and Suicide

Georgia Suicide and Crisis Hotlines
This site has lists of national and state hotlines for counties throughout Georgia, information about depression and coping with suicidal thoughts, and advice on how to help a family member or friend who is struggling with suicidal feelings.

Suicide: The Forever Decision
Free e-book for those thinking about suicide or for those that know, love, and counsel them. You can read it online in English, Spanish, or French.

TeensHealth: Depression
Depression is very common and affects up to 1 in 8 people during their teen years. Learn more here.

The Trevor Project
The Trevor Project is determined to end suicide among LGBTQ youth. They believe in a "future where the possibilities, opportunities and dreams are the same for all youth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity." Call their free crisis hotline or get help through their confidential, online chat service.

Eating Disorders: Anorexia and Bulimia

Everyone worries about their weight sometimes, but some people have an especially hard time accepting their bodies, or have unrealistic goals of being "perfect." If this becomes an obsession, it can develop into a dangerous and unhealthy eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Teens that are really stressed or upset about something in their lives, or that feel like they have big problems that they don't have any control over, are especially susceptible to this. But, you CAN get help. Check out these sites sites to learn more.

LGBT Resources

Forty to None Project
Help and resources for LGBT youth facing homelessness.

It Gets Better Project
Watch all the "It Gets Better" anti-bullying videos made by real people who've survived being bullied and harassed as children and teenagers and who know what it feels like. The IT Gets Better Project wants to remind teenagers in the LGBT community that they are not alone - and it WILL get better.

The Trevor Project
The Trevor Project is determined to end suicide among LGBTQ youth. They believe in a "future where the possibilities, opportunities and dreams are the same for all youth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity." Call their free crisis hotline or get help through their confidential, online chat service. See The Trevor Project on YouTube.

Pregnancy / Teen Parents

Childtec is a Clayton County Public Schools drop-out prevention program that also provides a safe and secure learning environment for infants and toddlers while teen parents complete high school.

Georgia Safe Haven Law
Under Georgia law, a mother may leave her baby (up to 7 days old) with an employee of any medical facility including any hospital, institutional infirmary, health center, or birthing center in Georgia. This includes Southern Regional Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, etc. For the wording of the law, see Georgia Law 19-10A-4.

Healthy Babies, Healthy Mothers
This is a Clayton County Board of Health project to help reduce birth defects, preterm birth, and low birth weight babies among African American women.

House of Dawn
The purpose of the House of Dawn is to reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancies, provide AIDS education, reduce welfare dependency, increase parenting skills, and help teen mothers to achieve educational objectives, improve job skills, and increase self-esteem.

Parents As Teachers - Clayton County Extension Office
The Clayton County Extension Office's Family Development and Resource Management Department provides classes, information, and resources for parents. The "Parents As Teachers" classes is designed specifically for young (21 and under) parents of babies and toddlers. Contact the Extension Office at 770-473-3945 to learn how to sign up for classes. Click here for more info about the national Parents as Teachers program.