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My Invention: Upgraded Washing

By Sikudhani

Re- work your old washing machine. I wash a lot of clothes for my family, and it is long and boring work. I thought of an invention that will help you do this long, boring task. It's an automatic contraption that carries the clothes from the washer to the drier. The way you work the upgraded washing machine is fairly easy (if you know how to work a washing machine). The washing machine is set and the clothes are washed at the right amount of time. The clothes are then, pushed out through the trap door on the side of the washing machine and into the drier. The drier weighs the clothes and sets the clothes to the right time. The drier starts up and goes for how long it needs to. All you have to do is collect the clothes from the drier and leave ( if the clothes are delicate or need to be dried for only a little while there would a special button that could be pressed if necessary).