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My Invention: HomeBot

By Ayodele

If I could manufacture any invention, it would be the HomeBot. The HomeBot is a robot programmed to do basic chores such as vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting. The HomeBot stands about five feet tall and is made of an aluminum alloy outer shell reinforced by copper wire, so that it can be lightweight and portable. It could also be battery operated and on wheels so it wouldn't be hard to move around. The HomeBot could be programmed by a consumer. Its programming software could be stored on a CD-ROM that could be downloaded to one's desktop or laptop. The consumer could just take the robot for an once-over in the room. The HomeBot is especially useful for hotels and busy people. Most people don't have the money for an in-house maid or cleaning service. The HomeBot would be reasonably priced at $200 or less. HomeBots, because they have no emotions and cannot get fatigued, are more reliable than humans. The HomeBot also has a guaranteed warranty of 6.25 years, meaning you get a work for your money.