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Dork Diaries "Tale From A Not So Fabulous Life"
By Rachel Ray Russell

Reviewed by Toni D., age 12

If you like books that are similar to "Diary of A Wimpy Kid" you will love this book! A girl named Nikki Maxwell recieves the oppurtunity to go to a private school, since her dad has an exterminator contract with the school. As if being new to a school and not having friends was bad enough, things get WAY worse. Tons of drama begins: the popular girls at her school, Mackenzie and her friends, try to destroy her by humiliating her everywhere she goes (even in front of her crush), trip her, talk about her behind her back, spread horrible gossip about her, and tape humiliating notes to her locker. Also, in the midst of it all, Nikki's painting for an art competition, that took hours to complete, gets destroyed by her dad's truck when he drops her off to school. Will Nikki be able to survive? Will things get worse? Will she defeat Mackenzie? Find out in the book.

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