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The House of Night series
By P.C Cast

Reviewed by Marlea T., age 16

Theres so much publicity on the Twilight Saga Series because of the whole "Vampire vs. Werewolf" thing. However there's another series about vampires that I feel many teens should read. The House of Night novels have 7 books in the series so far. While this book has many similar characteristics as the Twilight Saga, its completely different. The series is a definite hook-line-and sinker. I guarantee as soon as you finish the first couple of pages in the first book (Marked) you wont stop reading till you finish all seven. Now that Zoey has entered The House of Night ( the place where newly marked Vampires live and attend school ) there is nothing but drama. Some of the events in the series include : dead vampires who come back to life, kinda; a newly marked Vampire having the powers of a fully grown adult Vampire; boy trouble; a two-faced vampire who's planning to take over the human world; Vampires with special gifts, like control over ...

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