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Dreamhouse Kings series
By Robert Liparulo

Reviewed by M.M, age 12

These series are amazing. The characters David and Xander King have to leave there home and move to a small town. There father, Edward King finds a Victorian house which is something weird about it. Later they find out that there great great uncle builds it and has many portals that leave to the past and some to the future. While they are there the first night they stay there they get a unexpected visit from a strange man, giving the nickname Pheamus, that kidnaps their mother. They battle hard but can't do anything to stop him. The find out their father knew about the house and their mother got kidnapped too. Xander gets mad and goes after their mother. They don't find her, but they never give up. After David goes into a portal, which is the WW2, they change history. Now they find out they are gatekeepers and have to change history so the future can happen without Jim Taksidian, who wants to own the house for his evil purposes. But th...

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