One on One Tech Help is an appointment only service for patrons who are in need of personalized assistance with basic tech needs.

These one on one appointments are facilitated by experienced Tech Helpers.  This free service is best used for more in-depth instruction on how to use the library’s digital resources, databases, business research for entrepreneurs, general computer help, internet skills, creating a website, digital portfolios, and social media management.

This service is currently only offered at the Headquarters, Lovejoy and Morrow branches.

This service is used as a follow up to enhance the information and resources demonstrated in the various classes the library makes available.  Click here to view the library’s calendar to find a listing of classes currently being offered at all 6 of our library branches.



Typical sessions may include:

  • Overview of library collection, services and website
  • Researching a single topic using library databases
  • Computer Skills
  • Creating and managing files and folders using Microsoft Office Suite and Google Docs
  • Internet basics, browsers and social media
  • Setting up new technology devices (laptops, smartphones, PDAs, tablets, iPads, etc.)


What are the procedures for One on One Tech Help

  • Sessions are typically 3o minutes to 1 hour
  • Sessions are by appointment only and are scheduled in advance online
  • You may have up to one session a week


Schedule an Appointment

Click the on the link below that best fits your needs and then follow the on screen instructions to continue booking:

Morrow Tech Helper

Job/Resume Help

Social Media Management

Databases and Research Help

General Tech Help 

To book an appointment with a Lovejoy Tech Helper, please call 770-472-8129.


**If you book an appointment, please try to keep that appointment.  If you are running late, that time, unfortunately, has to be deducted from your session as the schedule tends to fill up quickly.**



How much are 1-on-1 appointments?

Our 1-on-1 sessions are 100% free to all patrons.


Where do I check in for my session?

HQ: Visit the Information Desk and let them know you have a one-on-one appointment.

MO: Visit the public service desk and let them know you have a one-on-one appointment.

LJ: Visit the public service desk and let them know you have a one-on-one appointment.


What if I can’t make a session?

Please call or email the Tech Helper at least 1 hour prior to your appointment.  See below:

Cancelling a Session/Questions

  • If you need to cancel your session or have general questions, please strive to cancel at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled time.
  • Contact:
    • HQ Tech Helper: Tel: 770-210-7671
    • Morrow Tech Helper: Tel: 770-347-0170
    • Lovejoy Tech Helper: Tel: 770-472-8129


Do I need to bring my own device(s) to a session?

Yes.  It’s helpful to have your own device since that will be your primary source of putting into practice what you learn during a one-on-one session.


How long is a typical session?

Sessions can run from 30-60 minute sessions, depending on user need and experience.