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How do I find a book for a certain grade or reading level?

The Clayton County Library System strives to assist children and teens in locating the types of books they wish to read at the appropriate reading level.

Accelerated Reading Lists

The Headquarters Library and the library branch closest to a public school often has a printed copy of that school's Accelerated Reading (AR) list. Many Clayton County Schools also have their reading lists online. Most of these lists are put online through a service called Read The Books which allows lists to be sorted by points, grade level, author, and title. The AR Book Finder site is another good resource:

The Lexile Framework for Reading

This site helps you find books for a particular Lexile Measure and can also help estimate the Lexile Measure of a child if you do not know what it is. You can also search for a particular book that you know is at the appropriate reading level for the child and it will tell you what that book's Lexile Number is.

Our Youth Services Department

If you would like personal assistance with book recommendations, please contact our Youth Services Department at the Headquarters Branch or ask for our Youth Services staff members at any of the other branch locations.