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How can I use the library's computers?

If you have a regular Clayton County library card in good standing, you may use the library's public computers for up to 2 hours per day in 20 or 60-minute sessions.

Out of state residents with a valid I.D. may ask for a guest pass.

Making Your Reservation and Signing In

  1. Locate the Reservation Station (if you do not see it, ask a staff person).
  2. Click the "Next Available Computer" button.
  3. Scan your library card's barcode. If you are using a Guest Pass, you may need to type in the number (with no spaces).
  4. Take the printout/receipt and look at it to see which computer number it has assigned to you and what time it will be available for you.
  5. When it is time for your reservation, go to the computer that is assigned to you and enter your library card number (with no spaces).
  6. After you are logged in, a bar will appear at the top of your screen indicating how much time you have left in your session. Be sure to save your work (preferably to a flash drive) before you reach your time limit, as the computer will log you off at that time.

If you are unable to make a reservation, please ask a staff person for assistance.

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