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Frequently Asked Questions


Why are changes being made to the guest pass system for computer use?


The Library System recognizes that the last several years have been a difficult time economically, and many of our patrons have overdue fines and lost or damaged item fees.  

We understand that people still need to use our computers to apply for jobs, finish school reports, and other important tasks.  In order to meet the need for computer access while ensuring that patrons are accountable for their financial responsibilities, the library will put the guest pass changes into place beginning on Monday, October 7th, 2013.

It is the Library System's belief that this change will result in more fairness by ensuring that each user has the same opportunity to use the public computers.

Please note that if If you live in Georgia, you’re entitled to a free PINES card. Getting your card only takes a few minutes.  Once you have the card, you’ll have access to so much more than just our public computers. You can borrow books and other media as well as use our electronic resources to do research, create resumes, get help with homework and more. We can create a payment plan tailored to your needs.  

This new plan will allow patrons who cannot use our public computers because of balances in Evergreen to set up a Payment Plan with the Clayton County Library System for the overdue fines related to materials checked out from our branches, or fees for damage to or loss of our own materials.