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Staff Picks

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Everyday Paleo

By Sarah Fragoso

Genre: Non-Fiction
Picked by: elizabethm
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Staff Review:

Have you tried the Paleo lifestyle yet? It's based on the idea that millions of years of evolution have influenced our bodies in such a way that eating like hunter-gatherers is more compatible with our physiology than the food we've added to our diets since the advent of agriculture only 10,000 years ago. In other words - no grains or legumes, no processed foods, lots of healthy meat and veggies and lots of good fat. Sarah Fragoso was one of the first recipe bloggers for Paleo, and her cookbook reflects her experience and knowledge. It's a great book in particular for families with kids, and concentrates on easy meals that are healthy and delicious. Personally, her thai green curry chicken is may favorite! If you're interested in Paleo or Primal eating, Everyday Paleo is a great book to start with - she lays out lots of basics and stragegies in addition to the recipes.