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Staff Picks

book cover

Ready Player One

By Ernest Cline

Genre: SF/Fantasy/Horror
Picked by: elizabethm
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Staff Review:

Ready Player One is a fun and fast-paced story about a future where the planet is in decline - environmentally, politically, and financially - but everyone who can manage it lives a second, better life online, in a virtual world called OASIS. OASIS is where kids go to school, people play and have adventures, and fall in love - and it hides a mystery. The creator of OASIS has died, and left a series of easter eggs in the virtual world that if found and solved, will allow the winner to get control of both OASIS and an estate worth billions. Wade Watts, an orphaned and destitute high-schooler, is determined to be that winner, but he will have to have encyclopedic knowledge of the creator's favorite time period - the 1980's - to do so. Simultaneously speculative fiction and a nostalgic trip back through the years of early video games, John Hughes movies, and obscure bands, Ready Player One is a fantastic read for anyone who loves adventure and underdog stories.