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Staff Picks

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By Scott Westerfeld

Genre: Young Adult
Picked by: elizabethm
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Staff Review:

Do you like vampires, fast-paced action, fascinatingly creepy parasite science, and a possible end-of-the-world scenario? If so, you'll love Scott Westerfeld's two-book series, Peeps and The Last Days. In Peeps, Cal is a young man who, although only partially affected, is a carrier of the parasite that causes the illness we think of as vampirism. He works for a secret society that tracks down these parasite-positives ("peeps" for short) and catches them for safekeeping and treatment. But Cal has noticed that those affected by the parasite are starting to act differently, and he has been getting a whiff of something huge stirring under the earth... but how these observations are connected makes for a really original story. And I haven't even mentioned his inevitable girl troubles (this is a YA novel, after all)!