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Library Value

How Libraries Stack Up

From the 2010 OCLC Report: "In America, we go to libraries to find jobs, create new careers and help grow our small businesses. We borrow books, journals, music and movies. We learn to use the latest technology. We get the tools and information needed to reenter the workforce. We get our questions answered, engage in civic activities, meet with friends and co-workers and improve our skills at one of the 16,600 U.S. public libraries. Every day, our public libraries deliver millions of dollars in resources and support that meet the critical needs of our communities."

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Library Savings Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much money you save by using the library? Use the calculator below to find out!

Enter Your
Library Services Value of

The calculator worksheet has been modified from a downloadable spreadsheet provided by the Massachusetts Library Association and then adapted for the Web by Chelmsford Public Library.