The Clayton County Library System (CCLS) provides filtered-only wireless access to the World Wide Web in our libraries. Any internet-enabled device may connect to our network. Please be aware that our wireless networks are not secure. Wireless users should use caution when transmitting sensitive personal information and do so at their own risk. Patrons are responsible for providing their own anti-virus and security protection.


  • CCLS utilizes filtering technology on our wireless networks. Sites that are deemed harmful to minors or inappropriate in a public setting are not permitted. This includes but is not limited to sites that are pornographic or adult oriented, promote illegal drug use, hate speech, racism, violence and other illegal activities.
  • CCLS expects users to respect the integrity of our network and not attempt to interfere with our operations or attempt to access files on another user’s computer. Doing so is a violation of CCLS policy.
  • Additionally, access is restricted primarily to web browsing. In order to maintain the integrity of our network, CCLS uses firewall rules to block traffic from sites and applications that are known to use a high amount of bandwidth or present a security risk. This includes file sharing sites using BitTorrent and similar software.
  • Another commonly blocked application is Microsoft Outlook. Since we are unable to verify that laptops connected to our networks are virus-free, we do not allow email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Eudora to access our networks. Web-based email is allowed.
  • Streaming of videos through a web browser is permitted but users should be aware that videos may load slowly or appear choppy. Our network is not configured to allow smart phone apps to access streaming video sites.
  • Patrons are expected to comply with all library policies and rules while using our wireless networks. This includes refraining from loud, disruptive behavior and making inappropriate comments to staff or other patrons. Please see our policies for more information.
  • Patrons attempting to circumvent any of the above may have their sessions terminated. Continued abuse may result in further action as deemed appropriate.


Library staff cannot provide technical assistance for patron laptops. This applies to laptop hardware and software, as well as network configuration and wireless printing.

CCLS is not responsible for any loss of data, identity theft, or for theft or damage to personal equipment or software.